Knowledge of current trends and style’s is our forte, we don’t offer CAD drawings, our expertise in the bathroom industry is unsurpassed,  you don’t need hi tech computer images to tell you if something will fit, home visits by Gary Walmsley who is nationally known via his retail bathroom company Designer Walls & More Ltd ( Formerly Posh Bathing Ltd) and featured in many of the KBB  industry’s publications.

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We carry out a simple no fuss site survey, discusses your requirements, and provides a labour figure for the project installation using one of our trusted install teams, whom we have worked with for over 12 yrs in some cases. Then via Posh Bathing Ltd he will supply a suggested fixtures quote, this system has worked for years and is appreciated by the returning interested clients.

( Please note we only install bathrooms & Showers that we supply, we do not install ‘Internet Bought Bathrooms & Showers’  )

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Tap less baths for instance, who wants standard looking taps anymore, fill your bath through the overflow, one shower valve, two functions, looks great and saves money, and a very basic design feature for our fitting teams at Posh Bathing.

Wall mounted WC’s, they create a feeling of space, larger floor space feeling, no nooks and crannies to clean with all the sanitary ware fully back to the wall, careful selection of wall mounted frame is important, as is position, did you know you can have a wall mounted WC in a corner.


We suggest that you to take a look at some of the attractive collections and allow these versatile products from Europe to inspire you, and get the right bathing experience and potential from your bathroom or shower room space.

Moving forward to the installation of your next bathroom project, its accepted that as a consumer  you’re in the driving seat as to who you place your business with, but we would question that view, because every company has different agenda’s. Our agenda is to create space, create a look all within a budget if you wish to disclose with us, its worth noting we never try to sell you anything on a home visit, apart from a design vision on a large or small bathroom.

So a hands on approach to your bathroom installation,  you will find we are ‘order makers’  not ‘order takers’ the bathroom world would be an easy place if every client had a ‘Hymn Sheet’ as it were, then all bathroom installation companies could ’Sing from it’ as it were, but that’s not the reality, trust has to be earned, confidence has to be built, ability has to be proven.

From start to finish your bathroom is full project managed by Gary Walmsley or his trusted team members, giving you piece of mind, we are trusted key holders too,  so you don’t need to take precious time off work of that’s your preferred option, and we are very animal friendly too which is quite important if there is a bit of disruption and noise.

So what do you do to actually get in contact to arrange a home visit, quite simply call in the studio ( Check opening hours first )  our telephone us, we then listen to our clients requirements regarding small bathrooms, large bathrooms, en-suites, wet rooms, steam rooms, even construction  of a bathroom from nothing, and talk ‘ball park’ figure’s to assess if there is provisional business to be done, then we can arrange a free professional home measure, we can accommodate evening measures too.

We carry out bathroom installation mainly in Lancashire, Cheshire, Gtr Manchester.
Specialist in the installation Whirlpools or Air Spa’s  system pools further emphasizes our portfolio of knowledge & experience creating perfect formats of exciting bathroom design.

Images below are design examples of what we can create, not necessarily our work, but all products we ‘supply and fit’


Innovative brassware products have increased the scope of design in bathrooms, multifunction shower valves, diverters, overhead showers, our favourite products are overhead shower, and our customers seem to like our choice too, as the love the feeling of standing in the rain, these can also be achieved over bath, which creates huge smiles.


For an informal chat, feel free to contact us on 07540 924838 or 01204 596066.