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Bathroom & Shower Room Installation Packages

Years of experience in the bathroom industry, combined with an unrivalled product knowledge, and a great insight into modern house building and the typical bathroom and ensuite construction contained in these new homes. Having a unique perspective on modern bathroom styling at affordable prices with a few twists that separate our...

Comfort & Safe Showering And Bathing

The Ageing process is something we cant prevent however hard we try, so showering and bathing safety becomes serious contenders for a lot of thought, even more so if the household is Multi-generational, it may just be the case that in the family there may be relatives who need to...

The Beauty Benefits Of Steam Rooms

Steam rooms have become a common fixture in many relaxation spots. From spas, to fitness centres, they have gained acceptance, mostly because of the kind of relaxation they offer. But there are many more benefits of the steam room than just stress reduction. There are those who take steam baths because...