Comfort & Safe Showering And Bathing

The Ageing process is something we cant prevent however hard we try, so showering and bathing safety becomes serious contenders for a lot of thought, even more so if the household is Multi-generational, it may just be the case that in the family there may be relatives who need to give more consideration to their future bathing requirements .

We call this ‘ Planning Today for Tomorrows Eventualities ‘ the good news is that we don’t have to include products that are designed for institutions such as hospitals, care homes etc.

Realising that the mind is willing but the body need a little assistance, doesn’t mean  that our bathing facilities need to lack in design, far from it, it may also be the case that sports injuries, even us tradesmen end with bad knees etc, need to make adjustments in bathing techniques,

We call this ‘The Art of Bathing’ for instance keeping a shower tray as low as possible is one positive step, adding a shower door with a minimal thresher such as shower cubicles from HSK.

Level access wet rooms are always the best walk-in shower options, but for glasses & contact wearers there are some useful design tricks of the trade, for instance using a tile that has different colour shade options so the walls and floor can be two different shades, but also has random detail in the patten especially on the floor, also a matching mosaic in the showering area changes the grout pattern that is recognisable with the poor vision. Chrome floor to ceiling supports on the end of glass wet panels, signify the entrance to the wet area, all these little additions are paramount to the feeling of safety in the showering environments, but it doesn’t stop there.



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