The joys of steam bathing and showering have never been so accessible to the modern homes of today than it is now, clever innovations in wetroom technology, and state of the art tanking materials. Every home with room we could potentially have a steamroom created for them.

Romans understood the rewards of a rich moist steam cleanse, Steam rooms have been known and appreciated for centuries, both for hygiene and the feel of soft, silky smooth skin afterwards and today Italy is still the hub of design and creativity, with innovative new designs and concepts that make Steam an affordable option for most homes.

Scandinavian countries too have taken advantage of the purifying qualities of steam over the years, treasuring a daily bath to unwind tight muscles, stimulate blood flow, and re-emerge whole once more.

Now it is easy to enjoy the luxury of steam at home by adding steam to a small shower enclosure, by creating a new shower room with steam, or by building a dedicated steam room where friends and family can relax and socialise together.


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Next Steps

If you’re starting from scratch and have enough space, why not build a bespoke sized shower room that can double as a Turkish bath, this process would begin with a wet room floor , an area at one end of your en-suite, or in the corner of your bathroom provides the perfect spot for a shower / steam room.
All design’s usually start with creating studded walls to shape your room, and a tiled bench to sit on, line the walled area with wall product, fit a dedicated steam proof door and finish the room in tiles of your choice – mosaic’s add a touch of luxury and can be master stoke when using shaped seating.

You now have a beautiful and totally practical shower area, with the added luxury of steam, and a very useful seated area, for use when just showering, pampering yourself.

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Steam rooms, once a reserve of the affluent, are now widely accessible in gyms, sports clubs, and fitness centres all over the country, and so if you have never scheduled for a session, now would be the time to, gyms and sports clubs offer free taster sessions.
Taking a steam bath has numerous advantages, and it is not only for the health-conscious. There is no denying that most of the gains one gets from a steam bath are linked to health, and more importantly in our stressful working day, is a relaxation element to spending time in a steam room.
It can ease your stress and help you clear you mind, that in a business world environment that is constantly demanding so much time and energy from us, a steam room can give you a short escape where you rejuvenate and re-energize, and even communicate again for some. Find out more about the health and beauty benefits to steam rooms.