Wet Rooms Explained in layman’s terms

So what is a wet room in layman’s terms?

Wet Rooms are waterproofed (tanked) rooms or areas used for showering purposes, usually with level floor access or in some cases raised, which means a step into the showering area.

Laufen Pro S with Alfalux Tiles in a  Wetroom

Level Access Walk in Wetroom

The wet room itself becomes the showering area, with a shower drain inserted into a gently sloped formed substrate or base slotted into the existing floor and ideally sat on the floor joist to create eventually level access, we generally work with companies such as www.wedi.de or www.impey.co.uk and for added safety the floor is better tiled in the immediate showering area with larger format mosaics such as porcelain.

Level Access Wet room Mosaic Floor

Mosaic Floor Shower Area with Wet Panel & Deflector Door

Tanking in layman’s terms is the waterproofing procedure carried out in the immediate showering area of the wet room or wet area,  which protects the building against moisture migration and leaks (steam, shower spray, etc).

Raised wet room showering area, glass screen 1 piece

Raised Wet room with fixed glass panel

Key elements of consideration for planning your wet room project are;

  • Correct wet room product choice, in particular branded products with a proven track record, and a product portfolio to suit most showering scenarios.
  • Correct product choice speeds up the installation and remember all these products will be hidden from sight once covered in the tile of choice.
  • Correct wetroom choice of tiles for the walls etc, such as porcelain tiles ( almost non porous ) rather than ceramic ( Porous ), these choices will help protect the tanking membranes.
  • All floor tiles must be flowing towards the shower drain.
  • Effective and sufficient ventilation
  • Underfloor heating is highly recommended as this dries the area quickly, and again helps protect the tanking membrane.
  • Extra consideration for wet areas that are to incorporate steam showering, entails  dual skin of tanking membranes, simple enough with the branded products we mentioned above.

In our opinion a wet room should have the showering controls at the entrance of the showering area, and should have at least two showering functions such as an over head shower, and a hand shower for the times a body shower is only required. Shower panels or Shower columns we feel are the perfect showering product because of the minimal installation time. Have a look at  http://www.poshbathing.co.uk/consider-shower-panels/ for inspiration.

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